Sunday, 27 December 2015

ASOS Wishlist: Collaboration

Hi, I’m Zoe from a little blog called TheCozyUs. Before I get into my half of the wish list I thought I’d give you a quick intro to my blog. My friends Paige and Katelyn run the blog with me and the blog ranges from things like Fashion and Beauty to Food and DIYs.

Anyway, here is my ASOS wish list!
This first item is a dress from ASOS own brand and I am really loving Shift dresses at the moment as it suits my body shape really nicely! I love the black and white stripes as they go with lots of different item, I could wear any colour with this and dress it up or down! I really want this item because recently I have been loving vintage style clothing and in the 60’s shift dresses were big! I will defiantly be buying this dress in the not too distant future!!

The second item on my wish list is this pyjama set! I am a sucker for pyjamas any day I don’t have to get up early for school or go out anywhere I won’t bother getting dressed! I love pyjamas and have been lacking in nice ones recently! It’s about time I got a new set and I am in love with this design and colour! As they’re 100% cotton they are super soft and I really want to purchase these.

 I love socks! I know who loves socks! No Joke, I am obsessed with socks, I wear them all the time but I hate wearing plain boring socks! I also love Disney that’s why these socks are perfect, The Little Mermaid is my favourite movie so I obviously had to put these socks on my wish list! They are again ASOS own brand, ASOS own brand is actually pretty amazing and defiantly one of my favourite brands on ASOS!

I love this skirt by Reclaimed Vintage! I really like wearing A-Line skirts and the cute pattern is so adorable! It’s also really vintage! Another of my favourite brands is Reclaimed Vintage so when I came across this gem I knew it would be on my wish list!

Last item; I have been on the hunt for a good pair of Boyfriend Jeans for a long time! I knew when I found these from Pull&Bear I could definatly trust they would be good! I have got so many clothes from Pull&Bear that they are another of my favorite brands! So these jeans are definatlysomething I want to buy very soon!
That’s all of my items! Please check out the rest of my wish list over on my blog, 5 more items from Khevana are also on my blog if you want to take a look at those! Bye xx

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Winter primark haul!

 So last week I decided to get some well needed retail therapy and here's what happened...

My first purchase was this white, fur snood. I have wanted a snood for literally so long and when I saw this one covered in white fur I fell in love. It's so soft and definitely keeps me warm, and at just £5, this was so worth it! 

I also bought this complete hat,scarf and gloves set. This was £10 which is really cheap for a 3 pack. All 3 pieces are thick enough to keep you warm and embroided with gold thread. The hat is the cutest because of the pompom at top giving it a classic winter look.

Next I saw this chiffon top in a chocolate-cream colour and thought it was the best thing ever until I came across the same one but in white. The sleeves are elasticated by the wrist and it has a delicate pussy bow at the collar. My favorite thing about this is the detailing at the top - it's simple and elegant.I mainly bought this for sixth form and thought £13 wasn't that bad.

These trousers are a really snug fit but do seem to be a little long (probably because I'm short...) but it's alright as it gives you a high waisted effect. The pattern is quite simple, just white checks on a black background. I bought this for sixth form too (like most of the things in this haul) for only £11.

For sixth form, again, I got this midi pencil skirt. I have to say the fitting isn't perfect, I got a size 6 hoping it would be slightly tight (size 6 is usually a bit small on me) but it's actually still loose. It won't fall down, so it's not too bad, but the pencil skirt style isn't really there. However, for £8 it's worth it.

This dress was a risk because I couldn't find the right size, this one is a little big on me, but the style of the dress and the colours were too good to put it back. I love how the collar is rounded and fitted around the neck and that it's long sleeve, making it suitable for the colder months. The rest of the dress is flowy and has no purpose of being fitted which I thought was so simple and attractive. At £13, I am definitely happy with this dress! 

I got this black cardigan for just £6 to wear over anything really. It just makes an outfit so much more formal so it's perfect for sixth form. The buttons are of the traditional style which take more time to do up than I'd like to spend which is my only disappointment; it would perfect if the buttons are ones you just click together.

I bought these patent ballet flats for about £3 so I knew I couldn't have gone wrong! I got the nude and black ones in size 6. The only problem is they give me horrible blisters because they are a little too small, but primark don't do half sizes so a 7 would have been too big. But I guess if you're only wearing them for a few hours at a time they're fine, they look so simple but the patent polish makes them look do stylish.

Then I bought two pairs of Chelsea boots - because everyone needs them in their lives. These are perfect for the colder months when ice coats the pavements and you need a strong grip at the bottom of your shoe to keep you from slipping. The heel on the first pair is only about 1 1/2 inch and on the second pair it's a little higher at 3 inches.They seem really durable and I'm definitely happy with how they look. (prices on the pictures) 

£12 (I think!)


I got this black vest top as an essential. Mainly to wear under tops that are see through. For £1.80, this is such a good deal. 

Finally, for £3 I bought these 5pairs of socks. They are the ones you wear with shows that don't come up to far up your feet .
And for only £1, I got this pack of hair bubbles. They come in different sizes and colors and there's 50 of them. 

So that's it for this time! Let me know what you've recently bought or which of these things was your favorite! 

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Summer To-Do List

Every year I find myself wasting my summer holiday in my bed and not being productive at all. Regardless of all the plans I make in my head beforehand, I never get round to doing them. And as silly as it sounds, I think it's because I didn't have a written, organized list. 

So here's a list of all the things I want to accomplish this summer: 

  • Go to an outdoor cinema (x)


  • Go camping
  • Create a reading list and get to the bottom of it (let me know if you have any suggestions)
  • Redecorate my bedroom
  • Go to a music festival (x)
  • Do a bit of gardening
  • Attend a car boot sale

  •  Have a water fight (x)

  • Create and stick to an exercise routine
  • Walk and discover new places within my town
  • Do a few pieces of artwork that I have had planned in my head for months
  • Find a new TV series

 I know I'm not the only one who can literally waste a whole summer, so tell me what you would like to do! Thank you for reading.


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

What is happiness?

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 We often forget to notice the little things in life that make us happy because of your busy and rushed schedules. Nowadays it seems like people overlook the small things and need drastic events, like an expensive shopping spree, to give them a rush of happiness. Sure those things can make you jump with glee but there is more to life than that, right?

So here are a few daily things in my life that make me happy but sometimes go unnoticed:

  • Hearing an old favorite song that after a long time
  • Getting to school a few minutes early
  • Ticking off everything on my to-do list
  • Waking up early without any alarms
  • Reading

  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  • The sky during a nice sunset
  • Hugs
  • And pugs (or any dog really, I just wanted these two bullet points to rhyme :). )
  • Having a lie in
  • Getting hooked to a new TV series
  • The pain you get the day after a good workout (weird I know, but it just means that my workout was successful!)
  • Really cute nails
  • Hot drinks on cold days
  • Friends

  • Catching up on my YouTube subscription box after a busy few days 

    What little things do you think make you happy, let me know below!

    Thank you for reading :)

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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Style inspiration: Cara Delevingne and Eleanor Calder


Hey so this is my first attempt at a fashion post. I want to introduce you to the two women I look up to for fashion ideas when I have no inspiration myself:

Cara Delevingne:

Cara is one of the most in demand models, she has done catwalks and campaigns for Burberry, YSL, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and so many more.As well as that she has done films too, like "Paper Towns' and can also sing and play the drums/guitar! Whoa.

So onto her style, Cara has a very laid back style but she still manages to catch peoples eye with her combinations. She almost never wears crazy high heels on a casual day out, instead she opts for the comfier high tops or ankle boots.  Cara usually just pairs a a loosely fitted patterned/slogan too with a pair of skinny jeans which is the perfect mixture between a fashion piece and a comfort item. I think Cara has a very varied collection of jackets that she uses as a statement piece but also does serve it's purpose of keeping you warming.

Eleanor Calder:

Not many of you will know her, but after a few years of being a hard core One Direction fan I've seen Eleanor come in and go out of the fandom. So yeah she was Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. I was always very fond of her, she is very pretty even without make-up (which i don't actually think she wears that often) and her style always classy.

Eleanor doesn't wear anything printed, her jeans are always just plain and usually dark coloured which she then pairs with a brighter top. To make her outfit more exciting she just puts on a few bracelets and a watch. Or sometimes she does jazz up her actual clothing, for example that white hi-low maxi skirt. But even that is so elegantly plain. Again, Eleanor has a nice collection of jackets, from just plain leather to leather with fur to denim or just a sheer thin cardigan. These four are literally so versatile so she can put them on top of almost any outfit and it would still work!

So yeah those are the two people I really admire for their fashion and take inspiration from. Let me know who yours are!

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Sunday, 10 May 2015

BooHoo Wishlist!

It's that time of year where you can safely put away the snow jackets and extra insulating pair of trousers because summer is round the corner! As far as I can recall, my 'summer' clothes aren't all that summery and wouldn't have a problem overheating me. It mainly consists of jumpers and dark heat attracting jeans.

So I started looking at BooHoo to see if they had any pieces that I might like, and they had a lot that i actually wanted. Now as much I as I would like to believe that 'a girl can never have too many clothes', I can have too many clothes. So instead of purchasing all the ones I liked I decided to show you them!

 These types of long cardigans are on everyone's wishlist at the moment. They are such a way of covering up if it gets a little windy without having to carry around a weighted jacket. This one comes in black or white and has small holes that come of as lace detailing. It's called 'Bonnie lace sliced maxi dress' and is £25.00.

This is such a nice dress that can be dressed down or up! It is fitted at the top and flares at the bottom and comes in Black,White,Orange and Yellow. I really love the top part of this, the cut shoulder effect really suits this dress. It's called 'Georgia cutaway neckline skater dress' and is £18.00.

 This shirt is another versatile piece, you could leave the buttons undone with another top underneath like in the picture or you could wear only the shirt but have the buttons done up. Either way it looks so effortlessly stylish and the ripped shoulder give it a slightly edgy style. It's called 'Marie sleeveless denim shirt' and is £18.00.

If you have any formal events to attend then this is the dress you want to chase. The intricate lace top makes it look so elegant paired with the white/cream bottom half. And the lace hem at the bottom of the skirt just makes it about a hundred times better. It's called 'Lizze lace skater dress' and it only £20.00!
 This is another on trend piece. It can make a simple outfit look so much more thoughtful and again, it's a great cover up. I think the sleeves can be extended so it fits your entire arm but either way it looks good. You can do up the buttons here too and the material is thin so it won't be heavy to wear.. It's called 'Neve long sleeve maxi shirt' and is £20.00.
 I love these t-shirts with cut shoulders. They add a lovely touch to a simple t-shirt and are perfect for the summer. This one comes in White,Blue and Black. It's called 'Yasmin cut out shoulder long sleeve woven top' and is £15.00.

Skater skirts are an essential. Arguments stating otherwise are just invalid. This one is so so simple but it can make be paired with an even simpler top to create a top class outfit. It comes with a belt which makes it unique and easier to fit into to. It's called 'Maria slub marl belted skater skirt' and is £12.00.

So those were the clothes that I wanted to share with you. Let me know if you liked any on these or if there are any you would like to share! Thank you for reading!

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

N07 'Essentially Natural' and 'Match Made' concealer review!

So recently I indulged in a N07 foundation and concealer. I purchased the 'Essentially Natural' foundation and the 'Match made' concealer.

I went into Boots and like they had advertised on TV, N07 had a skin match booth.This is basically where a N07 consultant puts on a small handheld device against your face and it tells you what shade you are. This is such an useful service because everyone knows that finding the correct shade is basically like rocket science (okay maybe not quite but still...). N07 have a range of 17 colours which is unusual, but great, as most brands do around 10 shades maximum, so you're pretty much guaranteed to find the perfect shade here. 

Now the foundation itself has a thick consistency and blending it onto your skin is fairly easy as it spreads evenly. But the thickness also means that you will need to use more than you would with a normal consistency foundation. 

Even though it is thick it doesn't leave a cakey texture so you can layer it up with other products, but make sure you use powder because otherwise it could look like you can swipe your finger across it and remove it all. The front of the tube claims that it gives you a light-medium coverage, and so it did. Blemishes were still visible but not as much, you would have to get quite close to your face to see them. This foundation isn't the best brightener, there are others that are better but it does definitely still lighten your skin.

The concealer does do well at hiding blemished and brightening dull spots. It has a creamy texture but its dry enough to not slide off your face. You can layer it with the foundation or moisturiser to give it a nice even finish. I don't think the concealer would work well with dry or open pore skin.
It has a slanted tip which makes precision easier. 

So overall I do recommend these two. I think they compliment each other really well so if you can, then buy them together. The foundation was £9.95 and the concealer was £7.50 but to make things cheaper I bought them from Boots as a part of the '3 for 2' offer. N07 is known to have high quality items and it is at the top end of high street brands but I don't think people rave about their products enough! 

Let me know what you think!

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Monday, 13 April 2015

Revisions and Exams tips!

It's that time of year again, exam season is upon us and the pressure is real. But stay calm and follow these tips so you can be well prepared!


1) Scheduling

Keeping the few weeks leading up to your exams organized is essential because if you don't then you will probably spend excessive hours on one subject and then insufficient on another.

So there are two ways of doing this: A pre-planned timetable or a to-do list.

The timetable will probably only specify up to which subject you will study and when rather than specifying which topic from a subject. However you won't need to create a new schedule everyday so if you like your revision to be a kind of routine this is probably better.

With a to-do list you will have to create one daily but this way you can tailor to any urgencies (like due dates) or topics rather than a general subject.

2) Environment 

It is important that when you go to study there isn't too much background noise. This includes anything from crying baby siblings to your favorite playlist on Spotify, they all just make you lose your focus no matter how many times you convince yourself you're fully concentrating. Take yourself to a library or if that's too far just stay in your room. Also you want to try to keep your notes and wherever you study organized, scattered piles of paper is literally the most annoying!  

3) Resources

There are so many different resources available nowadays that there's almost too many! Firstly, get a revision guide, exam boards sell specified guides and schools usually buy them for you. Then go on your exam board site and find the specification for your course (if you don't know the exam board then ask your teacher) and go through it. This is basically a check list of everything you need to know for your exam. Once you have gone through the specification go back to the exam board site and download every past paper for your course and do it then mark it and re-revise the bits where you went wrong! If you really want to go the extra mile then check out the examiners comments, this is where answers to that paper are collected from previous candidates so that you,future candidates, can see which mistakes to avoid. These are all free and for you, so why not use them!
Some examples of revision books

4) Know your most productive time. 

No one is motivated 24/7, everyone has that specific time period where nothing gets done. The hour after dinner or lunch is common because most people just feel sleepy after a full stomach, so be smart and use that time to have fun and relax. For me personally I also never get anything done in the morning (when I'm not at school), mornings just seem to be my relaxing hours and guiltily these lasts till like 12. But my point is that you need to recognize your productive times and plan to do most of your stuff then!


1) Don't compare exams

After the exam, no matter how tempting it may be try not to compare your answers. Especially if you have other exams in the coming days because it will unnecessarily break your confidence if someone didn't write the same thing as you. Just remember that just because someone had a different answer to you doesn't mean yours is wrong, you aren't right or wrong until the mark scheme says so! 

2) Don't look at notes 

This is a tricky one, we all want to fit in every bit of revision we can during the last few minutes but honestly this is a bad idea! So don't take your notes to school on the day of the exam hoping you will learn that last little bit during your 20 minute break, because chances are you aren't going to memorize anything under that much pressure.

3) Pack everything the night before 

Pack your pencil case the night before, make sure your pencil is sharp, your pen is black, and make sure you have other things too like a rubber,sharper,ruler and a calculator.
Then put it in your school bag there and then because it's a real pain trying to find your pencil case on the day of your exam. For my first biology exam last year I had my pencil packed and ready and I thought I had put it in my bag, until I went to muster for the exam and couldn't find it-The panic on top of my nervousness really didn't go down well!

So I hope you do as well as you wanted, try not to worry too much and make sure you get rest! Good luck :)

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Thursday, 2 April 2015

TRESemmé Heat Defence - Review.

We put our hair through so much everyday with heat from hair dryers, straighteners and curlers all tortuously and slowly killing our hair (the heat from the sun doesn't really count , vitamin D is actually great for you!). So you could either a) quit using the heat applicators or b) or keep using them almost damage free. Lets be honest, once you've started using them, there's not stopping especially when you can do it harmlessly!

So recently, I've been using the TRESemmé Heat Defence. One of the best things about this spray is the smell. It's like the most sweetest scent ever! I literally can't remember the last time I smelt a hair product this good but it's very similar to the TRESemmé shampoo's and conditioners. However, the smell doesn't seem to last longer than 3-4 hours unless you half drench your hair in it (don't do that). Also a few minutes ahead of spraying I did feel a little sick because of the sudden perfume burst.But after that, when the 35mph wind ruthlessly blows it against your face, you get a real nice whiff of it. 

I haven't actually used a defence spray before so i can't compare my experience to the others on the market, but i can compare it to what my hair once felt like without the protection. The bottle says that it protects your hair up to 230°C ,this isn't anything special though other company's provide this too. Nevertheless TRESemmé did succeed in making my hair shiner and smoother.When I first bought this I was worried of it leaving sticky, hard residue which would make my hair feeling unpleasant, but it didn't so that was a huge relief!

There's no doubt that this packaging is simple and stylish yet practical; the complete black packaging gives it a sophisticated look and the safety lock on the pump makes it easy to travel with. The application process is pretty simple too, I just section my hair and use two pumps starting a few centimeters below my roots to the  the bottom and then just brush through it. Depending on your hair length you may use less or more but don't spray it too close to the roots.

So the final verdict is that this product is true to it's word, handy and not wildly expensive.I bought this for £3.32 from Superdrug, it was on offer though so usually it's £4.99. Look out for discounted prices or '3 for 2' offers. A range of stores sell this, Superdrug,Boots,Wilkinson,Tesco and Morrisons - you get the idea. 

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

22 Taylor Swift songs for every mood

Queen Taylor has been ruling the music industry for over 6 years; she's been labelled 'America's sweetheart' and is a winner of around 100 awards ( 7 of which were prestigious Grammy's). Taylor is known to write songs about her most deepest feelings and because of that, she has the most relatable albums ever.

So it doesn't matter where you are on the roller coaster of life she has a song about almost every mood: 

  • If you're feeling 100% done with people: 

  • If you're feeling powerful: 
I knew you were trouble 

  • If you're totally over your ex: 
We are never ever getting back together

 All you had to do was stay  
(Or maybe not totally over- Clean)

  • Or if you're still in love with someone: 
Teardrops on my guitar 
Blank space
The Story of us 
You belong with me

  • If you're feeling a jam sesh coming on: 
Shake it off 

  • If you've just lost a friend and made an enemy/frenmy: 
Bad blood 
The moment I knew 
  • If you're feeling mutual love:     
This love
Begin again
Our song

  • If you're feeling rebellious:
Fearless (yeah i mentioned this for feeling powerful too, its pretty....)
Out of the woods
Love story

  • If you're feeling childhood nostalgia: 
Never grow up
Sweeter than fiction

So yeah there you go, 22 songs by Taylor to pick you up at your worst time or to make sure you stay on your high horse for however long the song is.

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Fitness motivation- 7 tips!

Sometimes life asks for a little too much of us and we really can't be bothered to make a trip down to the gym or get the fitness DVD out at home. Don't try to deny it, we've all been there and it is inevitable. There's tons of excuses for not wanting to exercise, from the unbelievable 'errr my dog ate all four of my workout tops' to the more acceptable 'I've sprained my ankle'. 

There's more to fitness than just the physical aspect, it also gives you a fresher mind and allows your life to run more efficiently. There's endless benefits and I think you should test them out yourself. So here's how:

1) Make it the first thing you do.

  If you know that you will be too tired after school or work then make your exercising the first activity of the day! Yes, it does take a lot of effort and willpower to break a sweat just after waking up, but you'll find your day runs much smoother. Just try and make sure you don't cut down your sleep by a lot, sleep early and wake up early. 

2) Know why you're doing it                  

Recognize your fitness goals and remind yourself of them everyday. You could make a collage of your dream toned abs or just imagine in your head what your future fit lifestyle will feel like. Focus on them and you will instantly feel more motivated. 

3) Get your stuff ready beforehand

If you want to be one of those mythical creatures that do accomplish exercises in the morning (like those who follow the first tip), then lay out your workout clothes the night before. Even if you don't do it in the morning, still just keep all your workout stuff in one place so you don't feel turned off by the thought of going to have to find it all separately.

4) Have your routine planned                                                                                                              

The worst thing is when you're all prepared at the gym or at home but then you don't really know what to do next, right? So again, prepare beforehand, just mentally decide what you want to work on next time - whether its legs, abs or just plain cardio. Preparing before will give you an easier, faster start.

5) Lazy days are okay                                               

Sometimes you won't want to do anything or you'll just be overloaded with other work and not have nay time left, but that's totally fine. Everyone has days like that and besides, your body literally doesn't need to work out everyday, it needs time to recover from what you did before.

6) Have variation         

Change up your workout routine, no one likes doing the same thing more then three times in a row. Add variations so that you don't get bored and stop because you got distracted (yeah, I've done that too many times before...).

And finally, 

7) Follow inspiring accounts

We all spend at least 30 minutes scrolling through our feeds on social accounts daily, so why don't you let yourself be inspired without any extra effort or time! Here are some good accounts to follow:  
Instagram- @DororteaBeauty, @toneitup
Twitter- @Fitspirational, @BeFitMotivation
Youtube- Blogilates, FitnessBlender and PsycheTruth 

Visualize yourself with whatever body goals you have, it doesn't matter if those goals are only 10 push ups away or 10 weeks away and you will get there. Good luck!