Saturday, 15 April 2017

NO7 Foundation review: Essentially Natural, Stay Perfect and Instant Radiance

So recently I have been trying out a few NO7 products after their very catchy adverts reeled me in to their beauty counter at my local boots. NO7 are rand created by Boots themselves and they started off with creating anti-aging creams which proved to be a great success. After this they expanded their expertise to producing make-up and now they have a extensive range of products! They were also one of the first brands to use the skin matching technology to give you the perfect foundation- so when I went into the store they assigned me the shade Deeply Honey
Top to Bottom: Essentially Natural, Stay Perfect and Instant Radiance

Instant radiance 

When I first heard the idea of this foundation I knew instantly that I wanted to try it out, I imagined it would it would give a healthy glow to all the dull areas on my face. So I bought one at my local boots in the shade Deeply Honey. I've used it many times now and I thought the consistency was thinner than most foundations I've tried before but I wouldn't say it was much of a problem, I also noticed that it did look a bit lighter than my other NO7 foundations in the same shade which was expected as it was meant to make me radiant - so far things were looking good. But once I had used it, I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be, the undertone was quite cool which I felt didn't give it the healthy glow I was looking for and the lightness in the shade just ended up making me look ashy. The coverage was also poor despite its claim to be medium coverage so to get anything close to a satisfying coverage I had to use about two pumps; the finish wasn't a disappointment though, it looked smooth and wasn't dewy. For a price of £12.50 I definitely unfortunately did regret buying this and think there are foundations out there that are cheaper and more effective.

Now this next one called Stay Perfect is meant to be up to 24 hour wear one which is a pretty ambitious claim that I don't think it fulfilled- I wore this to school almost daily and it lasts well for about 6 hours and then not so much after. However the coverage was much better, it's meant to be the same medium coverage as the Instant Radiance but I felt this one did a lot more work on my blemishes. The finished look was very dewy especially if you use a beauty blender but this was easily fixed with a bit of powder, though I wouldn't recommend this to people with oily skin. I used about a pump and the consistency wasn't too thick so it felt quite light on the face. Overall I was impressed with this but I did think that for a price of £14.50 it could have been better and I wouldn't pay that much again.


Essentially Natural

This final one is called Essentially Natural. As the name suggests, this foundation is meant to be only light coverage. This wasn't really enough for me but it was my own fault since I should have known that I definitely preferred heavy coverage foundations. Otherwise, the finish was smooth and it also did blend quite easily so if you're going for a casual, relaxed look this would be perfect and pretty much effortless. At a price of £9.95 this is the cheapest of NO7 foundations and I still unfortunately thought it was too much for what it really gave, the main reasoning is the bare minimum coverage it gave.

So that was it for the foundations, I did get them on a 3 for 2 offer which Boots seem to have running all the time and I also had a £5 off voucher so I did get a pretty large discount! Along with these three foundations I also purchased a couple more NO7 that I will review next time.

Let me know what your thoughts! 


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