Sunday, 27 December 2015

ASOS Wishlist: Collaboration

Hi, I’m Zoe from a little blog called TheCozyUs. Before I get into my half of the wish list I thought I’d give you a quick intro to my blog. My friends Paige and Katelyn run the blog with me and the blog ranges from things like Fashion and Beauty to Food and DIYs.

Anyway, here is my ASOS wish list!
This first item is a dress from ASOS own brand and I am really loving Shift dresses at the moment as it suits my body shape really nicely! I love the black and white stripes as they go with lots of different item, I could wear any colour with this and dress it up or down! I really want this item because recently I have been loving vintage style clothing and in the 60’s shift dresses were big! I will defiantly be buying this dress in the not too distant future!!

The second item on my wish list is this pyjama set! I am a sucker for pyjamas any day I don’t have to get up early for school or go out anywhere I won’t bother getting dressed! I love pyjamas and have been lacking in nice ones recently! It’s about time I got a new set and I am in love with this design and colour! As they’re 100% cotton they are super soft and I really want to purchase these.

 I love socks! I know who loves socks! No Joke, I am obsessed with socks, I wear them all the time but I hate wearing plain boring socks! I also love Disney that’s why these socks are perfect, The Little Mermaid is my favourite movie so I obviously had to put these socks on my wish list! They are again ASOS own brand, ASOS own brand is actually pretty amazing and defiantly one of my favourite brands on ASOS!

I love this skirt by Reclaimed Vintage! I really like wearing A-Line skirts and the cute pattern is so adorable! It’s also really vintage! Another of my favourite brands is Reclaimed Vintage so when I came across this gem I knew it would be on my wish list!

Last item; I have been on the hunt for a good pair of Boyfriend Jeans for a long time! I knew when I found these from Pull&Bear I could definatly trust they would be good! I have got so many clothes from Pull&Bear that they are another of my favorite brands! So these jeans are definatlysomething I want to buy very soon!
That’s all of my items! Please check out the rest of my wish list over on my blog, 5 more items from Khevana are also on my blog if you want to take a look at those! Bye xx


  1. Great post! I just got our bloglovin from my twitter & Im so glad you tweeted me! Well, actually, now i want those jeans so my bank balance isn't too happy about it haha. Loved it xx

    1. Thank you so much :) and ugh tell me about it,the jeans are gorgeous! xx