Friday, 17 June 2016

3 Work to Fun outfits for Men and Women with T.M.Lewin

T.M.Lewin recently got in touch with me and asked to collaborate on a post for you. They are a traditional British company that were founded in 1898. T.M.Lewin mainly specialize in menswear with a lovely suit collection but do also have a great womenswear collection as you'll see in the post!

You know that Friday feeling we all get from time to time where all you want to do is finish work at 5 o'clock on the dot and then immediately go out for a well deserved break, whether this be a meal at a fancy restaurant or a friend's party. Either way, the last thing you want to do is go home to get changed but end up getting caught up in the rush hour traffic. So today I have come up with three versatile outfits for men and women to wear to both work and wherever you choose to go after work!

This first one is a men's casual jacket from T.M.Lewin which I think would work really well a simple white shirt and a maroon tie to give it the sophisticated office look. Then to dress it down a little bit for the evening I'd suggested maybe rolled sleeves and no tie!

Next for women, are these simple black trousers that would go really well with this shirt. The geometric print on the shirt gives it a laid back look but then the high waisted trousers suggest you mean business especially paired with heels like the model has done!

If the weather is not so great then this blue Mac coat is perfect! It won't boil you to death but will definitely make sure you remain warm and dry. It has a casual and formal feel to it and it's navy blue colour makes it versatile to pair with pretty much anything. I particularly like these gridded skinny trousers. The fitted style of the coat and trousers gives the outfit a relaxed look but if worn with smart shoes like these ones you could use this for daytime office wear! If you want an alternative to the coat though then this Kensington Blue Italian Wool suit is great to help you adapt to any occasion.

So hopefully now you won't be too stuck for outfit ideas when it comes to Friday evening! Don't forget to let me know what you thought of them :)

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