Sunday, 10 May 2015

BooHoo Wishlist!

It's that time of year where you can safely put away the snow jackets and extra insulating pair of trousers because summer is round the corner! As far as I can recall, my 'summer' clothes aren't all that summery and wouldn't have a problem overheating me. It mainly consists of jumpers and dark heat attracting jeans.

So I started looking at BooHoo to see if they had any pieces that I might like, and they had a lot that i actually wanted. Now as much I as I would like to believe that 'a girl can never have too many clothes', I can have too many clothes. So instead of purchasing all the ones I liked I decided to show you them!

 These types of long cardigans are on everyone's wishlist at the moment. They are such a way of covering up if it gets a little windy without having to carry around a weighted jacket. This one comes in black or white and has small holes that come of as lace detailing. It's called 'Bonnie lace sliced maxi dress' and is £25.00.

This is such a nice dress that can be dressed down or up! It is fitted at the top and flares at the bottom and comes in Black,White,Orange and Yellow. I really love the top part of this, the cut shoulder effect really suits this dress. It's called 'Georgia cutaway neckline skater dress' and is £18.00.

 This shirt is another versatile piece, you could leave the buttons undone with another top underneath like in the picture or you could wear only the shirt but have the buttons done up. Either way it looks so effortlessly stylish and the ripped shoulder give it a slightly edgy style. It's called 'Marie sleeveless denim shirt' and is £18.00.

If you have any formal events to attend then this is the dress you want to chase. The intricate lace top makes it look so elegant paired with the white/cream bottom half. And the lace hem at the bottom of the skirt just makes it about a hundred times better. It's called 'Lizze lace skater dress' and it only £20.00!
 This is another on trend piece. It can make a simple outfit look so much more thoughtful and again, it's a great cover up. I think the sleeves can be extended so it fits your entire arm but either way it looks good. You can do up the buttons here too and the material is thin so it won't be heavy to wear.. It's called 'Neve long sleeve maxi shirt' and is £20.00.
 I love these t-shirts with cut shoulders. They add a lovely touch to a simple t-shirt and are perfect for the summer. This one comes in White,Blue and Black. It's called 'Yasmin cut out shoulder long sleeve woven top' and is £15.00.

Skater skirts are an essential. Arguments stating otherwise are just invalid. This one is so so simple but it can make be paired with an even simpler top to create a top class outfit. It comes with a belt which makes it unique and easier to fit into to. It's called 'Maria slub marl belted skater skirt' and is £12.00.

So those were the clothes that I wanted to share with you. Let me know if you liked any on these or if there are any you would like to share! Thank you for reading!

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  1. Good style in clothes! got an eye for fashion girl. Loved reading this post. Thanks for stopping by over at my blog xo