Monday, 5 September 2016

Coconut Lane must haves + A promo code for you!

 Coconut Lane are an online site that incorporate chic and classy to bring you a beautiful range of home ware and fashion accessories. Today I have made you a list of items from their site that I thought were definitely worth it and I've also attached a promo code for you to get a discount, find that at the end of the post!

This A5 notebook is perfect for making quick lists or recording your homework in for school (see my school revision tips here). Coconut Lane do many variations of the A5 notebook but this cute Hawaiian design will only make me want to pull it out of my bag every chance I get and start jotting down my thoughts! By the way, does this remind anyone else of Lilo and Stitch?


You know when you need to leave your house in 5 minutes and you put your phone to charge hoping it will go up from 23% to 100%? Yeah that never happens… but it’s okay because nowadays portable power-banks are the answers to all our problems! Usually power-banks are just plain colored blocks which get really boring really quick but then Coconut Lane jazzed it up and made this one in a unicorn shape. Not only is it the cutest thing ever, but it is also very useful as it provides 100% charge for the iPhone 6s! Check it out here


To accompany your portable phone charger I would recommend this phone case decorated in Pineapples. The hard cover gives your phone the perfect protection from any potential drops and the matte finish makes it look neat! If you don’t like the pineapples then there’s plenty more to choose from, Marble to tie-dye.


Anyone who sleeps with less than one pillow doesn’t sleep right! I love this gold marble splatter cushion cover that’s perfect to accompany your bed while you catch some beauty sleep or to simply bling up your living room sofa. There’s also a black marble version which is just as classy, see more here.


You can check out other products on the Coconut Lane site here, they have a very wide range from laptop covers to socks! Also if you use the code khevana20, you would be entitled to 20% off, there’s a deal not to miss ;)
Let me know what your thoughts were!


All opinions are mine. All pictures are from the Coconut Lane website and I do not claim credit for any of them.


  1. Ah amazing! They have some great bits! What a lovely blog you have here, you are doing amazing keep up your great work pretty lady! x

  2. Ahhh everything is so cute! I especially love that unicorn charger, it's adorable and so useful! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

    P.S I wondered, would you like to enter my special Too Faced Gingerbread palette giveaway? You will be so very welcome!