Tuesday, 24 March 2015

22 Taylor Swift songs for every mood

Queen Taylor has been ruling the music industry for over 6 years; she's been labelled 'America's sweetheart' and is a winner of around 100 awards ( 7 of which were prestigious Grammy's). Taylor is known to write songs about her most deepest feelings and because of that, she has the most relatable albums ever.

So it doesn't matter where you are on the roller coaster of life she has a song about almost every mood: 

  • If you're feeling 100% done with people: 

  • If you're feeling powerful: 
I knew you were trouble 

  • If you're totally over your ex: 
We are never ever getting back together

 All you had to do was stay  
(Or maybe not totally over- Clean)

  • Or if you're still in love with someone: 
Teardrops on my guitar 
Blank space
The Story of us 
You belong with me

  • If you're feeling a jam sesh coming on: 
Shake it off 

  • If you've just lost a friend and made an enemy/frenmy: 
Bad blood 
The moment I knew 
  • If you're feeling mutual love:     
This love
Begin again
Our song

  • If you're feeling rebellious:
Fearless (yeah i mentioned this for feeling powerful too, its pretty....)
Out of the woods
Love story

  • If you're feeling childhood nostalgia: 
Never grow up
Sweeter than fiction

So yeah there you go, 22 songs by Taylor to pick you up at your worst time or to make sure you stay on your high horse for however long the song is.

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Fitness motivation- 7 tips!

Sometimes life asks for a little too much of us and we really can't be bothered to make a trip down to the gym or get the fitness DVD out at home. Don't try to deny it, we've all been there and it is inevitable. There's tons of excuses for not wanting to exercise, from the unbelievable 'errr my dog ate all four of my workout tops' to the more acceptable 'I've sprained my ankle'. 

There's more to fitness than just the physical aspect, it also gives you a fresher mind and allows your life to run more efficiently. There's endless benefits and I think you should test them out yourself. So here's how:

1) Make it the first thing you do.

  If you know that you will be too tired after school or work then make your exercising the first activity of the day! Yes, it does take a lot of effort and willpower to break a sweat just after waking up, but you'll find your day runs much smoother. Just try and make sure you don't cut down your sleep by a lot, sleep early and wake up early. 

2) Know why you're doing it                  

Recognize your fitness goals and remind yourself of them everyday. You could make a collage of your dream toned abs or just imagine in your head what your future fit lifestyle will feel like. Focus on them and you will instantly feel more motivated. 

3) Get your stuff ready beforehand

If you want to be one of those mythical creatures that do accomplish exercises in the morning (like those who follow the first tip), then lay out your workout clothes the night before. Even if you don't do it in the morning, still just keep all your workout stuff in one place so you don't feel turned off by the thought of going to have to find it all separately.

4) Have your routine planned                                                                                                              

The worst thing is when you're all prepared at the gym or at home but then you don't really know what to do next, right? So again, prepare beforehand, just mentally decide what you want to work on next time - whether its legs, abs or just plain cardio. Preparing before will give you an easier, faster start.

5) Lazy days are okay                                               

Sometimes you won't want to do anything or you'll just be overloaded with other work and not have nay time left, but that's totally fine. Everyone has days like that and besides, your body literally doesn't need to work out everyday, it needs time to recover from what you did before.

6) Have variation         

Change up your workout routine, no one likes doing the same thing more then three times in a row. Add variations so that you don't get bored and stop because you got distracted (yeah, I've done that too many times before...).

And finally, 

7) Follow inspiring accounts

We all spend at least 30 minutes scrolling through our feeds on social accounts daily, so why don't you let yourself be inspired without any extra effort or time! Here are some good accounts to follow:  
Instagram- @DororteaBeauty, @toneitup
Twitter- @Fitspirational, @BeFitMotivation
Youtube- Blogilates, FitnessBlender and PsycheTruth 

Visualize yourself with whatever body goals you have, it doesn't matter if those goals are only 10 push ups away or 10 weeks away and you will get there. Good luck!