Tuesday, 23 August 2016

T.M.LEWIN: Infinity Suit

You know that feeling you get after 8 hours of work where you cannot wait to change out of your clothes and into a fresh set? What a nightmare! Well let me introduce to you T.M.Lewin’s new Infinity suit.

It’s in the name- with this suit you will remain to feel as fresh at the end of the night as you did when you first put the suit on at dawn, infinite times. The suit has an open weave which will absorb water to constantly keep you cool and the crease proof material will leave you worry free for the entire day regardless of whichever activity you partake in!

The suit comes in a Normal and Slim-fit size and in the colours Navy and Charcoal; Pair the suit with one of T.M.Lewin’s Non-Iron shirts and definitely look as good as you feel!

Navy Infinity Suit
The model Chase Armitage is a parkour and free run professional and recent guest at the Cannes Film Festival for his short film ‘Free Inspiration’. Chase was the perfect model for the Infinity suit because who else could do a free run over London to prove its everlasting refreshing capabilities. 

Check out my last collaboration with T.M.Lewin about versatile outfits you can wear to work and after-work!

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