Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Winter primark haul!

 So last week I decided to get some well needed retail therapy and here's what happened...

My first purchase was this white, fur snood. I have wanted a snood for literally so long and when I saw this one covered in white fur I fell in love. It's so soft and definitely keeps me warm, and at just £5, this was so worth it! 

I also bought this complete hat,scarf and gloves set. This was £10 which is really cheap for a 3 pack. All 3 pieces are thick enough to keep you warm and embroided with gold thread. The hat is the cutest because of the pompom at top giving it a classic winter look.

Next I saw this chiffon top in a chocolate-cream colour and thought it was the best thing ever until I came across the same one but in white. The sleeves are elasticated by the wrist and it has a delicate pussy bow at the collar. My favorite thing about this is the detailing at the top - it's simple and elegant.I mainly bought this for sixth form and thought £13 wasn't that bad.

These trousers are a really snug fit but do seem to be a little long (probably because I'm short...) but it's alright as it gives you a high waisted effect. The pattern is quite simple, just white checks on a black background. I bought this for sixth form too (like most of the things in this haul) for only £11.

For sixth form, again, I got this midi pencil skirt. I have to say the fitting isn't perfect, I got a size 6 hoping it would be slightly tight (size 6 is usually a bit small on me) but it's actually still loose. It won't fall down, so it's not too bad, but the pencil skirt style isn't really there. However, for £8 it's worth it.

This dress was a risk because I couldn't find the right size, this one is a little big on me, but the style of the dress and the colours were too good to put it back. I love how the collar is rounded and fitted around the neck and that it's long sleeve, making it suitable for the colder months. The rest of the dress is flowy and has no purpose of being fitted which I thought was so simple and attractive. At £13, I am definitely happy with this dress! 

I got this black cardigan for just £6 to wear over anything really. It just makes an outfit so much more formal so it's perfect for sixth form. The buttons are of the traditional style which take more time to do up than I'd like to spend which is my only disappointment; it would perfect if the buttons are ones you just click together.

I bought these patent ballet flats for about £3 so I knew I couldn't have gone wrong! I got the nude and black ones in size 6. The only problem is they give me horrible blisters because they are a little too small, but primark don't do half sizes so a 7 would have been too big. But I guess if you're only wearing them for a few hours at a time they're fine, they look so simple but the patent polish makes them look do stylish.

Then I bought two pairs of Chelsea boots - because everyone needs them in their lives. These are perfect for the colder months when ice coats the pavements and you need a strong grip at the bottom of your shoe to keep you from slipping. The heel on the first pair is only about 1 1/2 inch and on the second pair it's a little higher at 3 inches.They seem really durable and I'm definitely happy with how they look. (prices on the pictures) 

£12 (I think!)


I got this black vest top as an essential. Mainly to wear under tops that are see through. For £1.80, this is such a good deal. 

Finally, for £3 I bought these 5pairs of socks. They are the ones you wear with shows that don't come up to far up your feet .
And for only £1, I got this pack of hair bubbles. They come in different sizes and colors and there's 50 of them. 

So that's it for this time! Let me know what you've recently bought or which of these things was your favorite! 

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