Thursday, 2 April 2015

TRESemmé Heat Defence - Review.

We put our hair through so much everyday with heat from hair dryers, straighteners and curlers all tortuously and slowly killing our hair (the heat from the sun doesn't really count , vitamin D is actually great for you!). So you could either a) quit using the heat applicators or b) or keep using them almost damage free. Lets be honest, once you've started using them, there's not stopping especially when you can do it harmlessly!

So recently, I've been using the TRESemmé Heat Defence. One of the best things about this spray is the smell. It's like the most sweetest scent ever! I literally can't remember the last time I smelt a hair product this good but it's very similar to the TRESemmé shampoo's and conditioners. However, the smell doesn't seem to last longer than 3-4 hours unless you half drench your hair in it (don't do that). Also a few minutes ahead of spraying I did feel a little sick because of the sudden perfume burst.But after that, when the 35mph wind ruthlessly blows it against your face, you get a real nice whiff of it. 

I haven't actually used a defence spray before so i can't compare my experience to the others on the market, but i can compare it to what my hair once felt like without the protection. The bottle says that it protects your hair up to 230°C ,this isn't anything special though other company's provide this too. Nevertheless TRESemmé did succeed in making my hair shiner and smoother.When I first bought this I was worried of it leaving sticky, hard residue which would make my hair feeling unpleasant, but it didn't so that was a huge relief!

There's no doubt that this packaging is simple and stylish yet practical; the complete black packaging gives it a sophisticated look and the safety lock on the pump makes it easy to travel with. The application process is pretty simple too, I just section my hair and use two pumps starting a few centimeters below my roots to the  the bottom and then just brush through it. Depending on your hair length you may use less or more but don't spray it too close to the roots.

So the final verdict is that this product is true to it's word, handy and not wildly expensive.I bought this for £3.32 from Superdrug, it was on offer though so usually it's £4.99. Look out for discounted prices or '3 for 2' offers. A range of stores sell this, Superdrug,Boots,Wilkinson,Tesco and Morrisons - you get the idea. 

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