Monday, 5 September 2016

Coconut Lane must haves + A promo code for you!

 Coconut Lane are an online site that incorporate chic and classy to bring you a beautiful range of home ware and fashion accessories. Today I have made you a list of items from their site that I thought were definitely worth it and I've also attached a promo code for you to get a discount, find that at the end of the post!

This A5 notebook is perfect for making quick lists or recording your homework in for school (see my school revision tips here). Coconut Lane do many variations of the A5 notebook but this cute Hawaiian design will only make me want to pull it out of my bag every chance I get and start jotting down my thoughts! By the way, does this remind anyone else of Lilo and Stitch?


You know when you need to leave your house in 5 minutes and you put your phone to charge hoping it will go up from 23% to 100%? Yeah that never happens… but it’s okay because nowadays portable power-banks are the answers to all our problems! Usually power-banks are just plain colored blocks which get really boring really quick but then Coconut Lane jazzed it up and made this one in a unicorn shape. Not only is it the cutest thing ever, but it is also very useful as it provides 100% charge for the iPhone 6s! Check it out here


To accompany your portable phone charger I would recommend this phone case decorated in Pineapples. The hard cover gives your phone the perfect protection from any potential drops and the matte finish makes it look neat! If you don’t like the pineapples then there’s plenty more to choose from, Marble to tie-dye.


Anyone who sleeps with less than one pillow doesn’t sleep right! I love this gold marble splatter cushion cover that’s perfect to accompany your bed while you catch some beauty sleep or to simply bling up your living room sofa. There’s also a black marble version which is just as classy, see more here.


You can check out other products on the Coconut Lane site here, they have a very wide range from laptop covers to socks! Also if you use the code khevana20, you would be entitled to 20% off, there’s a deal not to miss ;)
Let me know what your thoughts were!


All opinions are mine. All pictures are from the Coconut Lane website and I do not claim credit for any of them.

Monday, 29 August 2016

3 states in 4 days: Washington

Ah Washington; The Capital and the residence of the president.

Washington wasn’t what I thought it would be like; it didn’t feel as glam as I thought a Capital city would be like. A lot of the city seemed a bit run down unless you were at the absolute heart of it where the big attractions like Capitol,


The capitol

 The meeting place for the countries legislature and also a tourist attraction because of the architecture and the display of art and history inside. The construction started in 1793 and ended in 1800. If you’re a fan of political history then the newly introduced visitor center is the place for you- there’s plenty of information there about how the government came to be and how it’s run today with details of all the roles within it.

Botanical gardens

After hearing great things about this place I had to pay it a visit. The Botanical Gardens is basically a huge greenhouse that you can walk through; there are different sections to the “greenhouse” such as “tropical plants”, “medicinal plants” and many more. You really don’t need to be in love with nature to enjoy it there, anyone can take advantage of the pretty colors! One thing I was very relieved about was that there were no bugs, no doubt if this was outside the place would be infested with bees and wasps!

National Air and Space museum

The most exciting part of the visit was being able to touch the “Moon Rock” they had on display, even though the sample didn’t feel like it came from out of the world, it was still cool to be able to say you’ve touched a part of the Moon! If you have the slightest interest in Space or Air vehicles, then you should definitely pay this center a visit; They have endless amounts of display’s from the Apollo 11 that went to Moon to some of the world’s first ever planes. Each display has a bundle of information written about it on a plaque next to it so you can take away plenty of information with you!

Science museum and of course the white house! There was a lot of graffiti dotted around which I loved, shame I didn’t get any pictures. But anyway, here are a few must see’s:

White house 

Probably the most popular place to see in Washington; The white house is definitely as large as it looks in any pictures or videos you may have seen and the grass is as green as it gets but from a tourists point of view, that’s all there is to it. I only saw the White house from the back side which is okay because I’ve heard that side is the best for a closer view. The atmosphere was quite calm because the street was pedestrian only and there was plenty of security to straighten out any craziness. 

 That's two states done and dusted and one more left in this series. Read my last post about Things to do in New York here!


P.s. Sorry about the quality of all these pictures, I took them but they weren't intended to be a part of a blog post!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

T.M.LEWIN: Infinity Suit

You know that feeling you get after 8 hours of work where you cannot wait to change out of your clothes and into a fresh set? What a nightmare! Well let me introduce to you T.M.Lewin’s new Infinity suit.

It’s in the name- with this suit you will remain to feel as fresh at the end of the night as you did when you first put the suit on at dawn, infinite times. The suit has an open weave which will absorb water to constantly keep you cool and the crease proof material will leave you worry free for the entire day regardless of whichever activity you partake in!

The suit comes in a Normal and Slim-fit size and in the colours Navy and Charcoal; Pair the suit with one of T.M.Lewin’s Non-Iron shirts and definitely look as good as you feel!

Navy Infinity Suit
The model Chase Armitage is a parkour and free run professional and recent guest at the Cannes Film Festival for his short film ‘Free Inspiration’. Chase was the perfect model for the Infinity suit because who else could do a free run over London to prove its everlasting refreshing capabilities. 

Check out my last collaboration with T.M.Lewin about versatile outfits you can wear to work and after-work!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on: Twitter/Instagram or Snaphcat @allkhev  


Sunday, 14 August 2016

3 States in 4 Days: New York

So I’m planning on doing this short series about my holiday this summer covering 3 states: New York, Massachusetts and Washington. The purpose of this is to in a way create a diary of memories for me but also to create a small city guide for you guys based on my experiences. 

I'll be covering New York city today which took place over two days to go round because the amount of walking, crowds (and time it took to take good pictures) made it impossible to tour some of the must see landmarks in just one day.

The first place we went to see in New York was the Freedom Tower aka One World Trade Center. The construction of the tower was completed in July 2013 and exceeded the height of the Empire State building which was previously the tallest in New York; Now the One World Trade Centre, at a height of 541m, is not only the tallest in New York, but also the 6th tallest in the world!

 The observatory with a 360° glass window on the top floor of the building lets you view the city for as far as your eyes can see (considering the weather is good). It was truly amazing to be able to see one of the world’s busiest cities from such a height and it’s perfect for sightseeing without having to visit every street.

Next on the list was Statue of Liberty. Since the statue is on an island of its own we had to get a cruise from New Jersey (where we were staying anyway) to another small tourist island called Ellis Island which then takes you to the Liberty Island. The cruise travel is included in the money you pay for the tickets to see the Statue itself and the journey in total one way takes less than an hour which gives you plenty of time to take pictures of the city skyline.

Once you get to Liberty Island you can go up to the top (not completely the top though) of the statue and also visiting the museum that tells you the entire history of it. If you want to get proper pictures of the statue make sure you do it on the cruise, on the Island there’s always too many trees and people in the way and you’re too close to the statue to get a full picture.

Another place for a good skyline view is Brooklyn Bridge. One of the oldest suspension bridges in America, it connects Brooklyn to Manhattan. I didn’t get a chance to walk along it because as soon as we got there the thunderstorm of the summer made an appearance; so we decided not to get drenched and risk getting hit by lightening and went home instead.

The one place that have have to see (preferably at night time) if you visit New York if you want to understand why they call it the city that never sleeps. The screens were as big as and as bright as you’d expect them to be based on whatever you’ve seen in movies and pictures yet seeing it in real life feels so indescribably much different. I was there at 1 in the morning and there was still so much light and a notable amount of people which was probably the best thing about it.

So this was New York city! Obviously there is so much more to the city that I wasn't able to visit this time because of time but you can let me know of your experiences there.