Saturday, 16 July 2016

Tips for a smoother,speedier morning!

Let's be honest, we're all a victim of late nights and even later mornings, whether it's due to last minute assignments or a simple phone addiction. I,myself, find mornings very stressful when I snooze the alarm one,or five, times too many; but over the last few years I've have learnt a few tricks that help my mornings run a little bit smoother, and still let me stay in bed a little longer!

1) Night time showers
 My biggest tip is to take your shower before you go to bed, it saves so much time in the morning and it feels like such a huge thing to tick off your getting-ready list. Plus I think you get so much dirtier throughout the day compared to during the night, so why not go to bed with feeling fresh and clean? 

 2) Planning, planning and plans.
 If you've left school then chances are you will no longer have a daily uniform; even though wearing clothes that you yourself chose seems like a dream, it's really not. Trying to assemble a presentable outfit every morning on the spot is not easy especially when your room is an absolute tip. So I always try to plan my outfit the night before, this means I would either just think about it my head or if I'm feeling extra productive I would even get my clothes out and ready so I can just jump into them in the morning. 

 3) Tidy
 Leading on from talking about my absolute tip of a room, my next tip is keeping you bedroom, or even house, tidy. This doesn't have to mean there isn't a single visible speck of dust, it just means you need to know where your last pair of clean socks are. Once you keep the essential items in order and make a routine of picking them up and putting them away in the same please you'll find it you spend less time finding "lost" items (basically keys wont ever be found under the sofa again).

4) On-the-go breakfast
 Cooking and eating a good breakfast is probably the most time consuming thing of the morning which is why most people skip it. For this reason, many alternatives have been created so you aren't required to slave away in the kitchen the first thing in the morning, racing against time. Options ranging from breakfast bars to smoothies they all contain the same amount of nutrition but only save you time! Win-win. 

Let me know what you thought and if you have any additional tips or not!



  1. Gahh I hate mornings lol. These are some pretty interesting tips.