Sunday, 14 August 2016

3 States in 4 Days: New York

So I’m planning on doing this short series about my holiday this summer covering 3 states: New York, Massachusetts and Washington. The purpose of this is to in a way create a diary of memories for me but also to create a small city guide for you guys based on my experiences. 

I'll be covering New York city today which took place over two days to go round because the amount of walking, crowds (and time it took to take good pictures) made it impossible to tour some of the must see landmarks in just one day.

The first place we went to see in New York was the Freedom Tower aka One World Trade Center. The construction of the tower was completed in July 2013 and exceeded the height of the Empire State building which was previously the tallest in New York; Now the One World Trade Centre, at a height of 541m, is not only the tallest in New York, but also the 6th tallest in the world!

 The observatory with a 360° glass window on the top floor of the building lets you view the city for as far as your eyes can see (considering the weather is good). It was truly amazing to be able to see one of the world’s busiest cities from such a height and it’s perfect for sightseeing without having to visit every street.

Next on the list was Statue of Liberty. Since the statue is on an island of its own we had to get a cruise from New Jersey (where we were staying anyway) to another small tourist island called Ellis Island which then takes you to the Liberty Island. The cruise travel is included in the money you pay for the tickets to see the Statue itself and the journey in total one way takes less than an hour which gives you plenty of time to take pictures of the city skyline.

Once you get to Liberty Island you can go up to the top (not completely the top though) of the statue and also visiting the museum that tells you the entire history of it. If you want to get proper pictures of the statue make sure you do it on the cruise, on the Island there’s always too many trees and people in the way and you’re too close to the statue to get a full picture.

Another place for a good skyline view is Brooklyn Bridge. One of the oldest suspension bridges in America, it connects Brooklyn to Manhattan. I didn’t get a chance to walk along it because as soon as we got there the thunderstorm of the summer made an appearance; so we decided not to get drenched and risk getting hit by lightening and went home instead.

The one place that have have to see (preferably at night time) if you visit New York if you want to understand why they call it the city that never sleeps. The screens were as big as and as bright as you’d expect them to be based on whatever you’ve seen in movies and pictures yet seeing it in real life feels so indescribably much different. I was there at 1 in the morning and there was still so much light and a notable amount of people which was probably the best thing about it.

So this was New York city! Obviously there is so much more to the city that I wasn't able to visit this time because of time but you can let me know of your experiences there.


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