Thursday, 18 February 2016

Top Apps and Games!

Hey! Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite apps and games. They are all free from the Google Play store or the App store and I've left the link! 

Whenever I get sidetracked by Instagram or YouTube all I have to do this activate this app. You choose how long you want to stay focused and off your phone for and it shows an animation of a growing tree during that time limit, and at the end of the time period if you've stayed off your phone you would have successfully planted a tree in the imaginary garden. It shows you a daily,weekly and monthly record of how much time you've spent off your phone and focused on work which is really motivating!  

I love this app because it shows all my favorite bloggers and their blog posts in one app.Its like a bloggers newspaper, perfect to scroll through during breakfast or tube journeys.

So to follow my new year's resolutions I got this app to track my running. It shows your run on a map with the time,miles and calories burnt and also let's you play music in the background. These basic features are free but if you buy the membership it gives you workout plans too! 

4)Quiz up
The clue is in the name! Quiz up presents you with a seven question quiz on any topic you want, topics range from "Gossip girl" to "General Knowledge". You can play against your friends or someone random.Since it's a competition it makes it so much more fun and addictive.

Pinterest is the library of ideas. You can find so much inspiration for just about anything on there, DIY's, room decoration, quotes, you name it! It's also great for bloggers because you can post your blogposts on there.

6)Little Alchemy
This is a fun and addictive way to pass time anywhere. At the start of the game you get given 4 elements: Earth,Fire,Air and Water. From these 4 you just keep randomly mixing to create 550 other things, you can make new elements that range from Life to Tobacco! It really doesn't require much thought but the curiosity of what you're going to make next just keeps you coming back to it.

So those were a few of my favorite apps that I recommend you try out. Let me know what yours are!

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